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(Invasion Crew)


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Invading The Streets Vol.1
Invading The Streets Vol.2
Invading The Streets Vol.3
Invading The Streets Vol.4
Invading The Streets Vol.5
Invading The Streets Vol.6 (May 2010)
Invading The Streets Vol.7 (August 2010)
Invading The Streets Vol.8 (August 2011)
Invading The Streets Vol.9 (April 2012)
Invading The Streets Vol.10 (April 2014)
Invading The Streets Vol.11.jpg
Invading The Streets Vol.11 (August 2015)
Love And Affection Flyer.jpg
Invading The Streets Vol.12 (April 2016)
Invading The Streets Vol.13 Cover.jpg
Invading The Streets Vol.13 (May 2017)
Invasion Slow Jams Mix Part 2
Invasion Slow Jams Mix Part 3
Soulful Yard Mix Part 01 (2008)
Soulful Yard Mix Part 02 (2008)
Soulful Yard Mix Part 03 (2010)
Invasion Crew Vocal House & Funky Mix (May 2009)
Live Sessions Vol.1
Live Sessions Vol.2
Live Sessions Vol.3
Live Sessions Vol.4
Live Sessions Vol.5
Live Sessions Vol.6
Live Sessions Vol.7 (July 2011)
Live Sessions Vol.8 (May 2012)
Live Sessions Vol.9 (May 2013)
Live Sessions Vol.10 (August 2013) (Notting Hill Carnival Edition)
Live Sessions Vol.11 (2014)
Live Sessions Vol.12 (2017)
Live Sessions Vol.13 (August 2018)
Live Sessions Vol.14 (August 2018)
Live Sessions Vol.15 (December 2018)
Live Sessions Vol.16 (January 2019)
Live Sessions Vol.17 (January 2019)
Live Sessions Vol.18 (March 2019)
Live Sessions Vol.19 (July 2019)
Live Sessions Vol.20 (January 2020)
Live Sessions Vol.21 (January 2020)
Scandals Promo Mix (October 2015)
Come Out And Play MIX CD (January 2016)
City Shutdown Promo Mix (June 2016)
Invasion Crew & DJ Slick Official Notting Hill Carnival Mix 2016
Tim Westwood And Kojo Funds Promo Mix (February 2017)
Power NYE 2016 Promo Mix
Power NYE 2017 Promo Mix
Life & Laughter Promo Mix (December 2017)
BIBO Promo Mix (April 2018)
Truth Promo Mix (June 2018)
BIBO NYE 2018 Promo Mix
More Than Happy Promo Mix (October 2018)
Nice For What Promo Mix (March 2019)
Fresh From Yard Dancehall (March 2019)
Power NYE 2019 Promo Mix
Hollie Hammers Live Workouts Mix
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About Invasion

Invasion Crew consists of DJ Toddler and host MJ who have combined their love of music and individual talents to create one of London’s most sought-after sounds. Although primarily based in London, they have grown to become an international sound, entertaining crowds all over the world.


Hailing from North West London in the mid to late 90s, Invasion initially started out as a youth sound system which stood out from others from the very start, and then went on to establish its blueprint within the Reggae and Dancehall scene.


Having built a solid reputation from residences and consistent appearances in venues all over London, Invasion Crew built the brand ‘Luv & Affection’ which promises great entertainment and continues to be one of the city’s best nights out.

Staying true to their sound system roots, an Invasion Crew set is rarely short of dub plates (personalised catalogues of songs from well-known artists,) which has essentially become a trademark of the sound.


Despite their specialisms in Reggae and Dancehall, they are renowned for their versatility and can bring any crowd to the dancefloor. With the perfect combination between Toddler’s mixes and MJ’s control of the microphone, Invasion Crew are guaranteed to deliver a set to remember regardless of the genre.


So whether you call them a sound system, a DJ and host duo, or simply Invasion Crew, you will not be left disappointed when they invade a street near you.


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©2017 by Invasion Crew

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